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Classical Music Weekends on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

I am excited to announce Classical Music Weekends on Global Heart2Heart Radio. Classical music is art. And this weekend a variety of artful classical music, with centuries of history behind it, will play randomly throughout the days and evenings. You will hear familiar overtures, famous arias, violin, piano and horn concertos, splendid symphonies and…

Denise Kester: She Arrives

The time has come. We have arrived to the age of ordained change. We meet this moment with internal awakening as the worldly facade morphs anew. Here is the magic, the mythic, or as Denise puts it Jaguar strength and instincts. Hold steady now we must as we arise from the waters that hold us in grace. We are emerging restored and hopeful. Hold steady now.…

Denise Kester: She Awakens and Gathers Her Powers

Welcome to our first posting to the Poets Corner 2021. This is a year for dynamic change and it is already proving exciting with the many creative poets and artists scheduled to grace the pages of GlobalHeart2Heart.com. In a year geared toward transformation and the potential for revolutionary growth, “the awakening song of the self” beckons our unlimited…

Music to Heal the World 2021

I invite you to join me, take joy in the music and open your heart to love that we may Heal The World. We’ve got to live together and find a way to bring some lovin’ here today because all of the light that you could find is inside, under all the noise. Here is your chance to be overjoyed. By the heart we can find a better way with vibrations of pure love.…

Denise Kester: Strong Heart

Welcome to the Poets Corner and our last posting for 2020. This year has shown us our fragile life force and it has also shown us our strength. Living from our heart space, the space that radiates Love, is what matters the most if life is to matter at all. Here again is Denise’s soul work, heart work, her vision in action holding our world together. Strong…

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