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Classical Music and Cartoons this Weekend February 27th and 28th

Countless people have written to me telling me that, as children, they learned Classical Music while watching cartoons. I truly believe the brilliant combination was no coincidence. Add laughter to the mix and what we’ve got is mystically magical. I’ll be mixing up the music this weekend to the tune of a barber in the south of Spain being taunted by a…

Denise Kester: Keeping Watch

I love the detail, the depth and the  beauty of ReMembering … of feeling  the power that is Keeping Watch …. ”resonating the musical calm inside the chaos of the world”.  I am ever thankful for the one who keeps watch  and for the comfort I feel from her life giving and  steadfast presence. “The heart pulse that holds  the pattern” gives me hope for what…

Music to Heal the World February 2021

I invite you to join me on a high-spiritedHeart 2 Heart journey as we celebrate music to Heal the World.We’ve got to live together, open our hearts to Love to create a whole new world somewhere on higher ground.Heart 2 Heart we can find a better way.We are the same whatever we do. It is here we must begin. Overlooking none.Celebrate our lives. Give thanks…

Denise Kester: Gaea Walking

Community is all about committing acts of kindness for any who are in need of a little help. At any given time you can be on either side… the one being kind or the one in need of a little help. I love the “free spirit” of Gaea…. The Earth Goddess walking among us and returning us to our wholeness. And, it is we, a community of free spirits with our willing…

Classical Music and Cartoons this Weekend February 13 and 14th

Classical Music and Cartoons. The ultimate in complementary art forms. Two things I cherish in life are music and laughter and I have recently learned that it is fashionable to acknowledge the influence cartoon music has had on society.There are a multitude of masterful classically infused cartoon scores all punctuated with great gags, whacky sound effects…

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Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Global Heart 2 Heart Radio
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Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Global Heart2Heart Radio

Global Heart2Heart Radio