Drawing on the Dream by Denise Kester in Ashland Oregon

Please enjoy this blog and at the very bottom, be sure to listen in and be delighted as I share, Global Heart 2 Heart with Denise Kester, author of Drawing On The Dream, Finding My Way By Art, as Denise tells us about her book,  how her dreamwork has influenced her souls work, and how she expresses poetically the story in her artwork. Hers is a fascinating story of how it all comes together to reflect her heart’s experience.

~Mary Alice

Important Things to Remember: A Conversation with Denise Kester

Artist and Printmaker Denise Kester lets the ink tell her what to do

Please enjoy listening to Mary Alice's interview with Denise Kester


Denise’s book is a life philosophy that is expressed on every page and a philosophy that Denise lives every day from her heart. An added treat is Denise’s enlightening discourse about important things to remember for every creative person.

Drawing on the Dream by Denise Kester
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You can experience Denise’s magical artwork, sign up for her Monthly Musings and purchase her book, prints and note cards at www.drawingonthedream.com

Drawing on the Dream by Denise Kester
Denise teaching class.
Denise Kesting Global Heart 2 Heart Radio
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