Breaking Barriers: Filmmaker Photographer Gail Mooney

I invite you to listen to Gail Mooney and to hear all about her most recent documentary film Like a Woman. Like a Woman is a film about women who are breaking barriers in male-dominated professions. We hear of amazing and inspiring  women from many different backgrounds and of many different ages, being who and what they want to be in their careers.   Like A Woman is a film that informs women and girls about their unlimited potential and it empowers them to understand that there are limitless possibilities in todays workforce.  Breaking Barriers: Filmmaker Photographer Gail Mooney

Gail, during her more than  30 years as a professional photographer for international magazines and major corporations knows what it’s like to be the only woman in the room and yet she followed her heart and blazed trails around the world creating stories on film. Listen in as Gail tells stories of her travels while shooting for National Geographic,Travel and Leisure and The Smithsonian.

Opening Our Eyes, a joint project that Gail worked on with her daughter Erin Kelly, was Gail’s first feature length documentary. Gail and Erin circled the globe seeking ordinary people who are making our world a better place – one person at a time.  Opening Our Eyes. Creating Good. The Global Power of One.

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Gail Mooney's Bio

Gail Mooney, along with her partner Thomas Kelly, run Kelly/Mooney Productions, a visual communications company in New Jersey.  Gail has 30 years of experience in still photography, shooting for international magazines, major corporations and advertising agencies. Gail started shooting 35mm motion footage for stock in 1996, and in 1999  started producing and shooting video projects. Since then, her company has become fully integrated with multi-media. She has also produced three short documentaries: Freedom’s Ride – a story about two diverse groups of high school students retracing the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s,  The Delta Blues Musicians and Through the Hearts and Hands of Children –  a film about the New Jersey Youth Symphony.

Gail sees many opportunities for still shooters to expand into video and feels that this is just the beginning of how technology will transform how we, as visual communicators will deliver our message in the future.,,

Breaking Barriers Filmmaker Photographer Gail Mooney

Opening Our Eyes

Breaking Barriers Filmmaker Photographer Gail Mooney

Breaking Barriers Filmmaker Photographer Gail Mooney