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I am excited to announce that Global Heart 2 Heart Radio
is now streaming a random mix of commercial free music 24/7!
So tune in and take Joy in the endless flow of a diversified collection
of music that is sure to restore, revitalize and refresh your spirit.

“One of my delights of the week is listening to and reading the poet’s corner
on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio’s website/ newsletter.  Mary Alice has featured wonderful poets who share the rare gift and art of spoken word that both inspires and uplifts the ordinary to extraordinary.  Sending deep appreciation to Global Heart 2 Heart for connecting us all through the beauty of poetry. “

Melissa Cooley
Om sweet Om Yoga, Talent Oregon

“I want you to know how much I enjoyed this weekend’s selections. I am one of the children whose first introduction to classical music was through cartoons. As an adult I was amazed that I was somehow very familiar with classical pieces and arias having never attend a symphony or opera. Then the link of cartoons and the music was made. Your program was a delight and a respite. I too have the images of the characters moving to the music. Thank you.”

Joyce McNamara

While I have no idea how you select your music lists – I do know that they are the most eclectic and enjoyable play lists I have ever heard. For example, early Sunday – around 2-3 AM – I delighted in global selections from “Arrivederci Roma” to a French voiced “Dream a Little Dream” to a Southern song “Listen to the Radio” to a wonderful Hawaiin spiritual piece – “Kaleohano“.

I am so impressed by your work. Listening to GlobalHeart2Heart, I know that I will hear a song that I have either never heard before and/or never experienced in the format (style/foreign language) that you select. It opens new vistas for my listening pleasure. In many ways, it brings me closer to that big, beautiful world out there.  Nicely done!

Ashland Listener

“The current pandemic has had some impressive silver linings – not the least of which has been discovering your inspired music on  Global Heart 2 Heart Radio. From the morning Celtic Music to the nighttime Instrumental Music offerings, I have found joy and peace. Thank you!

And – as an aside – your voice is wonderful. So unassuming yet reassuring. What gifts both you and your beautifully selected music have been during this difficult time. Please, keep doing what you are doing. Know that your musical ministry is much appreciated.”


GH2H Radio Contact Us

GH2H Radio Contact Us