Denise Kester: Thunderbird's Gift

Denise Kester: Thunderbird’s Gift

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Thunderbird’s Gift

Denise Kester: Thunderbird's Gift

“Do you trust me”? She asks
Yes and yes again,
What ever comes, I trust you.
Out of the great wide open of
not knowing and uncertainty
the Thunderbird appears
opening her heart
allowing her prayers to
fall upon my open mind
into my hands, creating.

Her prayers merge with
my prayers and they land
where the cranes of peace rest
in the meadow of my heart
near the lake of still waters
where the quiet imaginings
create ripples of light
that catch my attention.

A soft lapping as the ripples
reach the shore, murmuring,
Everything’s going to be okay
Everything’s going to be okay
Everything’s going to be okay

Denise Kester

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Denise Kester: Glad We Are Together

She is one of those older women, you know, a “free spirit” who is always picking up strays. She helps those who are damaged in one way or another. 

No one knows that she is the Earth Goddess in human form walking among us doing what she can to restore wholeness and repair the broken. 

What if Gaea does her work through the hearts and hands of women and men-the ones who are willing to be “free spirits” and commit acts of kindness for any who are in need of a little help. What if Gaea is us walking?

Denise Kester

Bear came into Mind while the universe was arranging and rearranging its self.
A spark of inspiration, a fleeting thought from the great spirit of time out of mind.
The Great Dreaming has begun.

While the universe is in motion, in the dance of becoming, dancing to the music of the spheres, bouncing and bounding among and off of themselves, cause and effect in the chaos, bursting with the energy of stars exploding, flash and boom. 

In this cacophony, 

…there is a stillness…… 

Somewhere in the mix of atoms and molecules colliding there is the alchemical possibility of quiet imagining, there is the essence of Bear. The essence of life, the impossibility of a living earth. 

In the random push and pull of chemical reactions, within the pause between, there is a thunder perfect thought…. In the Great Dreaming, Gaia as a living sentient garden of life held by Bear. 

Bear in the lap of Gaia in the lap of Bear holding on together in the sea change of creating something out of nothing, out of everything, out of stars, out of the impossible…. who is creating who? The great spirit mind leaning toward heart of matter, soul of mind reaching toward a thought. Bear arrives holding strong.

A spark of knowledge, comprehension, and capability comes forth out of a yearning from within the great mind of the dreaming. It is Raven. Shape shifter, shape maker, imagineer, magic maker, trickster and companion to Bear. Raven brings the light and knows how to manifest thought and desire. Bear knows how to keep the patterns intact. Bear holds Gaia, Raven holds Bear.

They hold on together, even now, in the Great Dreaming.