Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority

Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority

Mac Holbert, senior Imagician at Art Authority in Ashland Oregon, whose mission is to partner with internationally renowned art authorities – museums and artists – to make the world’s art accessible through innovative software solutions and museum quality reproductions.

Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority
Graham Nash and Mac Holbert

In addition to being a photographer, Mac is also the co-founder of Nash Editions, co-created In 1990 with rock legend and photographer Graham Nash.

Mac is a prolific lecturer as he conducts workshops on digital output (digital imaging and fine art printing) and is a friend to artists striving to get the  most out of inkjet printing.

Nash Editions was the worlds first professional fine art digital printmaking studio since opening it’s doors in Manhattan Beach, California.  Nash Editions has attracted leading artists such as David Hockney, Pedro Meyer, Peter Alexander, William Claxton, Francesco Clemente, Eileen Cowin, Elliott Erwitt, Carol Flax, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Heinecken, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Douglas Kirkland, Mark Klett, George Krause, Martina Lopez, Danny Lyon, Sally Mann, Joyce Neimanas, Jenny Okun, Olivia Parker, Marc Riboud, Jamie Wyeth, and many others.  …. and established unparalleled international reputation for fine art photographic digital printing.

Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority
Graham and Mac with the Iris printer.


Mac is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2007 lifetime achievement award and the 2000 Computerworld Smithsonian Medal for his pioneering work in digital printmaking.

He also founded the Image Collective in 2010 to provide multiple services for cultural heritage organizations including assisting with project that utilize their collections.  The Image collective exists to serve and preserve and celebrate the worlds images through its research, education and related activities with the goal of benefiting all images – still and moving – analog and digital – both great and humble.

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Mac Holbert's Art Authority Bio

In 1991, R. Mac Holbert, with the musician Graham Nash, was the co-founder of Nash Editions. Widely regarded as the world’s first digital printmaking studio focusing solely on photography, Nash Editions established an international reputation for fine art photographic digital output.  In 2005 the Smithsonian National Museum of American History  accepted Nash Edition’s first Iris printer into its collection, recognizing the pioneering nature of the work that the company did.

Prior to Nash Editions and Art Authority, Mr. Holbert was the Tour Manager for such music groups as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Peter, Paul & Mary and Carole King. He has long been active in the environmental movement helping to produce benefits for the Cousteau Society, Greenpeace, the Algalita Foundation and others.

Mr. Holbert has lectured extensively and conducted workshops on digital output, digital imaging/scanning and fine art printing. Hundreds of students have learned from Mac how to make great prints at workshops such as The Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, The Palm Springs Photo Festival, Maine Media Workshops, Aspen Photographic Workshop, and Greg Gorman Workshops.  He is a Beta tester for Epson America, X-rite, NEC, Adobe and other software and hardware manufacturers. He is widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on fine art digital printmaking.

Mac has long been active in the environmental movement helping produce benefits for The Cousteau Society and Greenpeace and is a board member of the Algalita Foundation. In 2008 the Foundation organized the Junk Raft project, to “creatively raise awareness about plastic debris and pollution in the ocean”

Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority

Mac Holbert Imagician of Art Authority