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Please take a moment and read along as you hear Jasmin Holley recite her poetry



Gather the grandmothers

Gather the grandfathers

Come to the table of peace and love

Come to the land of presence and light

Here is our Earth

Here are our people

Gather the children

Our hope our future our being

Where our thoughts go, our lives go

Gather our thoughts

Change the direction

Change the destruction

Where are you

What are you

Will you grow

Will you not

Gather ourselves and change what is

For without this there will not be

Life for our earth, life for our children

Life for ourselves

Gather the music, the art, the beauty

Sing the love the light and be thank-full

For all that is, all that can be

Laugh, sing , listen, brothers and sisters

For all is in, now, in our hands

Poet's Corner with Jasmin Holley

Jasmin Holley began her career in real estate in 1979 in Colorado. Her focus has always been to provide families with an affordable safe haven to raise their children. Jasmin worked with City officials to turn run down, drug infested areas into desirable and secure neighborhoods. During her 37  years in the Denver Metro Area, Jasmin provided housing for Spanish speaking families from around the world, Burmese, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Chinese, African, Pakistani, Iranians and many others – totaling more than 30 different cultures.

As a lay minister for the past 40 years Jasmin has compassionately guided thousands of people in countries the world over to create changes in their lives and realize their potential.

Jasmin posses unique, innate abilities to assist individuals in healing themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. She brings a loving, holistic and heart felt presence to everyone.

In addition to her energy healing Jasmin continues to uplift people through her poetry and her art.

I’ve asked Jasmin several times for help after having suffered soft tissue damage, one time to my foot and another time to my back.  In both cases I was in extraordinary pain but Jasmin immediately relieved me of much of that pain.  Equally important, Jasmin helped me to begin the healing process and subsequently those injuries recovered far faster than I expected. 

~ Cornelius



Death comes to those we love,

Are you ready?

Will you regret?

Will you survive?

Now is the time

To gather your thoughts

Now is the time

To make your peace

If you wait for death

You wait too long

If you wait for tomorrow

You wait too long

Everyday say I love you

Everyday say I miss you

Everyday say what is in your heart

For every day may not be

Loose the games

Yes, you know those..

The ones you’ve played

Every day before

Loose the pettiness

Speak your truth

Loose the fear

Risk your love

Open your heart

Open your mind

Love as though

You have never

Loved before

Find the child within and play

Be joyous and kind

See the wonder in every day..


If you wait for death

You wait too long

If you wait for tomorrow

You wait too long

Take Your Thoughts and Think Them Again


Run through the Universe and return

Return with the wisdom that you sought

And share it with all

The time is now to bring what you can

To this earth, to these people,

The generations to come

And those that have been

Return with the love that you can give

Offer the gifts that you have

To change yourself deep inside

becoming the person that you really are

Achieving that which you feel impossible

Live life with your integrity

Your inner world of being

Know the way of yourself

And all will be well

All will be known

Take a Moment


At this time of gathering, of thought and thankfulness,

Take a moment of time to thank our Mother Earth,

her waters, her trees, and her life giving breeze.

We forget that all things living, need thought and attention;

Our Mother Earth is no different.

In this time of strife and world change, it is more important,

than ever before, to be thank-full to all that gives us life.

Take a moment to send light and love, to those who wish us harm,

those who teach us the value of who we are.

Take a moment to reflect on that which you really want,

that which will bring the most of who you are, to the rest of us.

To make a change it must come from within, then it travels the world,

this thought can change all that is, an action more powerful than imagined.

Walk for a while in the shoes of others to find your path;

then walk your’s, with your soul intact.

Life is a precious moment in time, use it well, the best you can.

Take a moment…        

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Poet’s Corner Features Jasmin Holley

Poet’s Corner Features Jasmin Holley