Denise Kester:Well Being Holding the World Together

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Well Being Holding the World Together, speaks of creative possibilities and new pathways, breathing in the oneness of all life, breathing in love, breathing out love……
Well Being Holding the World Together
Allow yourself to sink in to an evocative audio visual delight to your senses as you are submerged in the unique characters and impressions and the profound images her characters conjure as you hear Denise narrate, from her heart, the story those characters have birthed.

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This print is a digitally mastered ink jet copy of the original art.Denise's Giclées are in limited number editions of 70.They are museum quality and printed on 100% rag paper with archival ink.

Denise Kester: Well Being Holding the World Together
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Well Being holds chaos
On the edge of despair
While breathing in disappointment
And breathing out trust
Breathing in aloneness
Breathing out community
Breathing in greed
Breathing out kindness
Breathing in war
Breathing out peace

Well Being holds multiple realities
On the edge of creative possibilities
While breathing in new pathways
And breathing out intention
Breathing in the void
Breathing out the source
Breathing in all time
Breathing out this moment
Breathing in the dying away
Breathing out the birthing anew

Well Being holds the world together
On the edge of the great wide open
While breathing in the eyes
And breathing out the heart
Breathing in the cosmos
Breathing out the atom
Breathing in oneness with all life
Breathing out the unique choice
Breathing in love Breathing out love