Jill Rothman: Custom Tailoring

I am excited to introduce talented artist, poet and singer songwriter, Jill Rothman, to the Global Heart Community. Jill describes herself as a person of few words who “loves to…

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Jasmin Holley: Gather

Gather is a poem that I refer to as a prayer, a soulful prayer, and a call to action in these times of great change on our planet. Listen up. “For all is in, now, in our……

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Mantras Weekdays on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Early morning prayer and meditation help to center you for the day ahead. Be guided by selection of mantras from various disciplines that will take you from the dark of night into…

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Morning Melodies Weekdays on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Morning melodies is a vibrant mix of music that will uplift your spirit and leave you feeling light-hearted as you start your day.

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Afternoon Gathering Weekdays on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Enjoy the eclectic mix of soft rock and light jazz on Afternoon Gathering Weekdays on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio.

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Denise Kester: Forest Spirit

She walks through the doorways that feel like barriers to those - who are not fine-tuned in the art of seeing the multi-dimensional quality of life teeming with offerings of…

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Denise Kester: Crow’s Magic Jar

Crow’s Magic Jar Crow has been gathering and storing magic that the people have thrown away, not knowing or recognizing what they were doing. Crow has been keeping the magic jar…

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Denise Kester: Fire Fox and The Alchemy of Release

The fire burned hot Everything gone Nothing left Nothing to hold on to She had to let go A bitter longing release Yet Out of the devastation comes the alchemical chain of events…

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International Music Weekdays on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

International Music is a mix of melodies from the neighboring cultures of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. The diverse instrumental styles and vocal complexities…

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Denise Kester: Kin

I am the sister of the moon and kin to the silent owl in the night that seeks the sleeping bear. Quiet and reverent in the exquisite wonder of life, with its cycles of death and…

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