Global Heart 2 Heart Favorite Podcasts

Please listen to some of the most popular podcasts as selected by listeners over the past year as featured exclusively on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio.

Enjoy listening to the creative mastery of Paul French discussing how the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers create and produce their shows.  And how Denis Kester connects to the powers of the personal and collective unconscious in creating her archetypal images while Valerie Rachelle speaks about the importance of live theatre that energies the plays the Oregon Cabaret Theatre and finally, let the wisdom of Peggy Rubin instill you with peace and understanding as she unfolds her experiences in blending art and life’s mysteries through her many performances and writings.

And so gather and come to the table of peace and love on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio

Listen in and be delighted as I share, Global Heart 2 Heart with Denise Kester, author of Drawing On The Dream, Finding My Way By Art, as Denise tells us about her book,  how her dreamwork has influenced her souls work, and how she expresses poetically the story in her artwork.

Hers is a fascinating story of how it all comes together to reflect her heart’s experience.

Please enjoy my interview with artist Denise Kester 

I invite you to listen in to an entertaining and stimulating interview with the Artistic Director of the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, Paul French. Paul followed his Souls calling and his diligence has led him to gift the world with something moving and life affirming. Paul French Making A Difference in the World

Paul explains his role as conductor and what it is like for him to allow the music to move through him in order to guide and direct the extraordinary Southern Oregon Repertory Singers. 

Please enjoy my interview with conductor Paul French of the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers

Oregon Cabaret Theatre is excited to have permission to open and is one of the first companies in the area to bring theatre back.

The magic of the performance that feeds your soul and spirit will live on forever. The 2020 Season performance line up is sure to please with the opening show The Odd Couple beginning July 16th 2020.

Please enjoy my interview with Artistic Director of The Oregon Cabaret, Valerie Rachelle

My long-time teacher Peggy Rubin was the first guest for our Podcasts on Global Heart 2 Heart Radio.  Peggy is a consumate expert on living the life of joy!  One can only be captivated in the presence of such a brilliant teacher, scholar, author, actor and evoker of the depths of human possibility.

Peggy’s interview touched on so many layers of Joy that we decided to divide the discussion into two parts.

Please enjoy Part 1 of my interview with Peggy Rubin

Join me for Part 2 of my interview with Peggy Rubin as Peggy talks about her award winning book To Be and How To Be.

Hear about the nine powers that lead us to self-understanding.

Discover the one power that is a soul message and how our path to growth is in making friends with and honoring that power.

Please enjoy Part 2 of my interview with Peggy Rubin